Working with Ocean Studio Fiji

Whatever your style, we would be delighted to work with you as our treasured client to deliver the look you want for your wedding photos.

Our happy team at Ocean Studio Fiji is made up of versatile professionals who like to think of you as our friends and nothing pleases us more than making our friends happy!

We will enjoy getting to know you via email and/or Phone and will always approach our work by first thinking of what you might like.

We like to be creative and artistic with the images and will take a variety of images throughout your big day that will capture the essence of your wedding celebrations; the love, romance, emotion and laughter and delight on the faces of your family and friends.

We also like to be bold and adventurous with our photography if this is something you might be interested to explore with us. Most importantly, we like to make sure that you have as much fun on your wedding day as possible. We invite you to look through our Gallery page or Just Married page and to visit our Facebook page where you will find examples of happy couples we have had the privilege to work with.

We believe that our work speaks for itself. If it speaks to you, and you believe that we may be the right photographers to capture your precious memories, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!



How many photos do you take on the day?

We pride ourselves on capturing the essence of your special day. We will take as many as photos we possibly can with a steady, quick response. However, this does not mean we are snap happy during our photo-shoots – we favour quality over quantity as we are sure you do.

For Basic Digital Photo (covering from the time you get ready until we have taken your romantic sunset shots), you will receive a DVD with approximate 400 re-touched images. If you would like us to stay on to cover your wedding reception; the speeches, cutting of the cake, first dance etc., you will receive an approximate additional 70 – 100 images for every extra hour we are with you.

Do you touch up the images?

To ensure your images are as picture perfect as possible, our pricing also includes the touching up of each image.

We colour correct your images and can smooth skin tones as part of the standard retouch. We will also try to accommodate any special requests such as removing a blemish, scar or mosquito bite with no extra charge. However, for more difficult and time-consuming edits such as retouching a double chin, sculpting arms or teeth whitening we will try to retouch some of the best images for you, complimentary, but please be aware that this will be on a case by case basis.

Unfortunately, the most common, yet difficult request we receive is to counter for redness or peeling caused by sunburn. While we will of course do our best we are limited in what we can do and will likely lose the natural color balance during the manipulation process. We strongly recommend staying out of the sun until after your wedding. It is a far safer option to get a spray tan if you want that sun kissed glow.

What timeframe should we expect to receive our images?

We are a very efficient team; preparing and retouching your images will usually only take a few days and we will do our utmost to deliver your chosen package before you return home from Fiji.

However, during Fiji’s peak wedding season (May to October) we may not be able to deliver your images prior to your departure from our fair isles. In this instance, we will provide you with a new time frame of a few weeks at the most. If you require your images urgently, please advise us in advance and we prioritize your images.

Do you deliver our images on DVD or USB?

We will deliver all of your images on a DVD. We use DVD-R that cannot be erased – even in error. If you would also like to have your images on a USB, we are happy to accommodate this for an additional fee of FJ$60, please just let us know.

What time will you join us on the day?

We will arrive at the bridal suite an hour and a half before the ceremony is due to commence.

As a general guide we begin in the Bridal suite an hour and a half before the ceremony is due to commence. During this time we capture your ‘getting ready’ shots and some more detailed images. These images include the dress, shoes, bouquets, accessories and some images of you and your bridal party being pampered – enjoying having your hair and makeup done, sipping on champagne and generally having fun and getting excited!

It is helpful if you are able to put the items for the detailed images together on a table or bed so that we can begin setting up and taking these images.

We head to the Grooms room around an hour before the ceremony is due to commence. Here we will take stylish shots of your shiny wedding bands, and of the groom and his groomsmen/family getting ready.

With approximately thirty minutes to go, you will be stepping into your gorgeous bridal gown, and of course we will be with you to capture this very special moment. All dressed up and ready to go, we will take some portrait shots of you, you with your bridesmaids and with your family and then we will leave you to prepare for your walk down the aisle. We will of course be there capturing the ceremony as discreetly and unobtrusively as possible.

If your ceremony is planned for earlier than noon, please keep in mind that there may be a nominal surcharge for additional waiting time and/or additional logistic cost.

Can we customize our package? For example, can we skip Room Preparation and just start from the Ceremony?

Our package – Basic Digital Photo – has been carefully thought about and designed with many years of experience to allow ample time for you to be flexible, to mingle with your guests and have time to take everything in (with an icy cocktail in hand!) after the ceremony. The most important factor for us is that you thoroughly enjoy your day, relax and have fun and therefore we do not want you to feel rushed or pressured at any time. This is why we don’t offer hourly charge package except for reception coverage.

However with this in mind, we can customize your package for you and to quote accordingly.

You should be aware that the price may not differ greatly, this is because we only ever commit to one wedding per day, and many of the associated costs that are reflected in our rates, such as transportation, accommodation (in some circumstances) and post production will still apply.

Our priority is making sure you are happy and get what you want, but we LOVE the room preparation part of the day. We feel that not only do the photos capture the excitement of what’s to come, but that this is the perfect time to get to know one another a little better as communication is key for good result.

I’m getting married at an island resort. Is it possible to skip the Sunset Photo Tour to reduce the necessary accommodation costs?

Yes, this is entirely possible. While we strongly recommend the sunset photo tour based on many years of experience that sunset is the best timing for wedding photography with softer light and cooler temperature and good feedback from our couples, we are happy to customize for you. Depending upon your chosen island resort, the scheduled departure time will vary slightly but most of last scheduled boat is around 4:00pm around Mamanuca area and please note that we may miss time with the best possible light for your images.

Will you come alone or do you have an assistant?

Yoshi’s package includes an assistant (known as a second shooter) whereas Sam and Kezia will come alone. Should you wish to book a package with Sam or Kezia, but would like to have a second shooter covering the day, this can be arranged for an additional cost which will depend upon the location of your wedding.

Do you provide Black & White photos?

We automatically include approximately 30 classic black and white images as part of your package. We carefully select the best images to be converted and will supply them in both 30 black and white images and original color images..

We have seen beautiful sunset images of other couples, can you do the same for us?

Absolutely! Good Sunset shots are what we are famous for!



What type of cameras do you use?

We have 8 DSR cameras with more than 16 Lenses!

As artists, we each have our preferred cameras. Yoshi for example uses a Canon 5DMK3 and Canon 6D while Sam and Kezia prefer to use the Canon 6D and 7D, and other assistant photographers use Canon 7D.

In our equipment bag, each photographer carry more than 4 lenses which we will suite requirement of your location.

While each photographer has two a strobe flash, our principal photographer Yoshi has a state of the art light system, which will create better lighting scenarios for your images.



Can I send you samples of the images I like?

Please do! This way we can get a feel for your style and be ready to recreate the images you like.

However, we do ask that you understand that in some situations, while we will do the best we can, we will not be able to recreate these images exactly. This is because photography is extremely sensitive to light, wind, weather, background, atmosphere, color balance and of course, your comfort level in front of the camera (more on that later!). While we will of course always do our best, we are certain that we will be able to capture some spectacular images of your own that future brides will ask their photographers to recreate!

Do you accommodate our preferred style?

We welcome your input. The earlier you can help us to understand the type of style you are looking for, the better prepared we can be. We understand that each couple is different, that some people like more action or fun shots while others like a more natural, documentary style. We will adjust our approach to suit your wishes and offer you our expert advice along the way.

Do you provide direction for poses or will you simply capture our natural style?

Usually, your love is shining through so brightly that it all comes naturally anyway!

We will check the background, lighting, angles and balance and will work with you to create a variety of natural, candid images and some beautifully directed photographs that we are certain you will love. We will help you to relax and feel confident in your beauty and promise that your natural style will shine through.

My fiancé is camera shy, so how can you help us achieve better results?

Contrary to what the fashion magazines and media would have you believe, posing for a photo doesn’t come naturally to everyone! Even we as photographers are camera shy – Yoshi is extremely camera shy! However, while being in front of the camera may be new to you, you can trust that we have done this many times and will happily give you some suggestions if you would like that.

We feel privileged to join you in this most intimate and personal of moments of your life. While we are strangers before we say ‘hello’ on the day, you can feel confident that we pride ourselves on treating our clients as friends from the moment you book.

We promise to respect you, be courteous and to truly care about you. Part of caring about you is wanting you to feel comfortable and doing what is best for you. With this in mind, it is always our priority to make you feel as relaxed and safe as possible. We will be patient and help you enjoy our time together. We will help you to feel confident and we know that everybody is beautiful in own unique way, and we will capture you in all your beauty.

We feel that for us to capture a really great portrait image, all you have to be is being yourself. Whether that is shy and quiet or loud and outgoing. Even the shyest of client cannot hide their feelings of love and happiness on their wedding day, so please don’t feel that you have to force it, just enjoy your time and be yourself and that will make it easy for us to tell your love story.



Once we receive the images from you, are we able to make additional prints or will this incur extra costs?

You are free to use the images we give you for your personal use (i.e. your own prints, gifts, thank-you cards etc). We do not copywrite protect / watermark your images, you will have the highest resolution images available – meaning should you wish to print your favourite image onto a large canvas(up to A2 or A1 big poster size), the image wont pixellated.

We will provide you with a signed copywrite release form so that you do not encounter any issues with printing/design companies after the fact.

HOWEVER, please keep in mind that when it comes to commercial use (eg magazines/blogs/Website) we still reserve the copyright to each image. With this in mind it is important that you seek our permission prior to sharing the images with any commercial operation.

I have seen images of other couples online, what if I do not want my images to be public?

While under copywrite laws we retain the right to use the image for our self-promotion, if you do not feel comfortable with this, we will of course respect your privacy and if you request that we do not do so, we will not use your images in the public domain.



Will you be able to work well with our chosen videographer?

With over 16 years of experience, we know and have worked with almost all of the videographers in Fiji’s wedding industry and consider many of them friends.

My chosen resort package includes a photographer. Can you work together?

We will do our utmost to compliment one another’s work, however please keep in mind that due to the limitations of available space, angles and movement, we will not be able to guarantee our best results.

Your wedding ceremony will happen quite quickly and we would like to ensure that we are capturing the images you would expect from our team. It is best to discuss with your resort’s wedding coordinator, or the photographer themselves, and to ask them to cover the other aspects such as your guests or the reception.



How many wedding photography jobs do you do a year?

On average, between our three highly skilled photographers, Ocean Studio Fiji covers the weddings of over 200 happy couples per year.

Will you be familiar with my location of ceremony and reception?

We are quietly confident that we have worked at most of the resorts here in the islands of Fiji. However, if we haven’t been to your chosen venue before, we will ensure that we spend adequate time at the location prior to your wedding to familiarize ourselves with the light, sun direction, angles, tide and trade winds. We will also follow and consider the weather forecast to ensure that we have the perfect location plan on the day.

Have you ever missed a wedding?

Over the span of our 16 years in the Photography business, we have never missed a wedding or event. We are punctual and reliable and the trusted choice of many resorts and fellow suppliers in the Tourism Industry.

Do you have a backup plan if something unexpected happens on the day?

In our 16 years of operation, this has never happened, but this does not mean we do not have a contingency plan in place for your peace of mind. In the very unlikely event that our photographer can suddenly not attend your wedding (due to an emergency or accident for example), one of our other photographers will attend in their place –ensuring that you receive the Ocean Studio Fiji level of skill and service.

Your replacement photographer will be at an equivalent (or higher) level as your chosen photographer – if higher, there will of course be no additional cost to you. However, if for some reason this is not possible and your replacement photographer is a level below your chosen photographer, we will of course refund the difference.

Do I have to arrange a ‘backstage pass’ for you at the ceremony venue?

Most resorts and ceremony venues in Fiji are used to working together with various suppliers to ensure the brides and grooms of Fiji have the perfect wedding day. As such, approval for photographers to move around in the ceremony venue has usually already been given.

However, if your wedding ceremony is to be held in a local venue (ie not in a resort) or in a remote location or if your service will be a religious one filled with traditional practices (this one applies to resort weddings too) then you will need to arrange a ‘backstage pass’ for us with your service conductor.

It’s always best to check that your photographer will be allowed inside your chosen ceremony venue.

What about limitation of movement?

Of course we understand and are sensitive to the limitations of movement at certain times during the service however please do discuss this with your wedding coordinator and celebrant. As a photographer, there is nothing worse than arriving at a venue to be told that we much stand at the back – or worse still, cannot enter at all!

We will do our best to humbly negotiate with your coordinator and celebrant, but please be aware that we will ultimately have to abide by the rules.

Other limitations

There may also be limitations to consider when it comes to the images you would like us to capture. For example, in some locations with certain weather conditions there will be strict rules or policies relating to accessing a beach during high tide – this will likely be for safety reasons and of course we will need to respect this.

Some venues also have strict rules to prohibit fireworks or lanterns – also due to safety reasons. Please always check with your coordinator in advance.




When is the best time to plan our ceremony?

With many years of experience, we have concluded that around 2 hours before sunset is the prime time for a wedding ceremony in Fiji. At this time of day before sunset, the light is softer and more romantic and the temperature is cooler for your comfort, which makes you look much better in the photos.

This also gives us plenty of time to take family and group shots before the perfect light arrives for our renowned sunset images.

Of course if you have young children and would like an earlier ceremony, we can still take good photos with a sunny beach background, but we will need to work together a little more as your eyes will perhaps be squinting in the strong sunshine and the heat can sometimes be uncomfortable – especially if you are planning to wear a heavy dress, or dark suit.

When it comes to planning your ceremony, it is generally better (for lighting purposes) that you are facing towards land as opposed to out to sea. We will check on the day and possibly suggest some small adjustments to your positioning if necessary to prevent shadows across your face or squinting into the sun.

Early afternoon is generally not recommended as it can be extremely hot and the light is often harsh and therefore not suitable for good portrait shots. However, if you have planned an early afternoon wedding, we will happily wait for sunset more than a few hours after ceremony, We don’t want lose your fresh look and fresh happiness before the best time of light, so chill out with Margarita until the best light comes.

You may find the following link useful for Sunset forecast as you plan your day:

If you are with big group(let’s say, more than 30 people, which takes more time for socializing and family group photos after ceremony and movement inside the resort with more people), we will recommend ceremony time to set more than 2 hours before sunset time, but if you are couple alone, ceremony time setting less than 2 hours before sunset time is fine.

How do I prevent other resort guests from being in the background of my images?

Holding your wedding in an open location within your chosen resorts grounds will mean that we will be unable to control the people in the background. While most people will be aware and considerate, you may find yourself with an audience, perhaps someone snorkeling or kayaking in the ocean behind your beach ceremony, or sunburned guests of the resort casually strolling past, cocktail in hand. While this can add to the authenticity of your holiday destination wedding setting, many brides wish that they had thought of this earlier.

If you would like total privacy to prevent having strangers in the background of your wedding photos, we recommend a Chapel wedding or a ceremony held in private and secluded area that can be cordoned off within the grounds of your chosen resort.

We will of course be doing our best to take images with no one else in the frame but you and your invited guests however this will create limitation to the angles we can shoot from. While we will of course be doing our best for you at all times, we cannot be responsible for having strangers in the background of some shots, or the limited angles if you determine we are to ensure clear frames at all times.


What if it rains on the day?

While the dry season is officially from May to October and the wet season from November to April, as in every other country of the world, we have rainy days in the dry season and beautiful clear blue skies and sunshine in the wet.

Rest assured that if the weather suddenly turns, both we and your chosen venue will be well prepared to activate a contingency plan. Together we will help you to create memories that are beautiful whatever the weather.

Unfortunately we cannot change your booking due to the weather as we typically will have weddings scheduled daily – especially during peak season.

An overcast day is actually better from a photographer’s perspective, as the natural lighting creates great results. The rain will not usually be continual and daylong, but if your ceremony has had to be moved indoors, rest assured that we will take any opportunity we get to head outside into the natural surroundings to capture some lovely images.

Also we have note that some rainy day are Beautiful in tropical, so keep smiling and be Happy! Don’t forget that rain on your wedding day is considered lucky in some parts of the world!


Things to think about when choosing my wedding dress and shoes?

As you have chosen to get married in this tropical island paradise of Fiji, try to think practically when shopping for your attire. A thick dress with a long train, for example, is not recommended as it will be physically quite difficult to maneuver around in, and in the heat can quickly tire you.

Whenever planning your photo tour, we consider weather conditions, light and of course your comfort, and will try to plan the course we take so that you do not have to walk too far. In some locations there are some incredible background options that we could include on your photo tour, however if your mobility is limited by your dress, we may be limited.

Great heels are perfect on a solid floor but absolutely do not work on the beach. Going barefoot or wearing casual sandals will be the best option for your comfort – not to mention look more fitting for a tropical island wedding.


Any suggestion to consider when planning my style of hair & makeup?

We always recommend a well-held hairstyle that will withstand any wind. While whispy bits of hair may look wonderful in your room, they will often fly across your face in the breeze.

Always remember to start your hair and makeup early enough to be ready one hour before the ceremony is due to begin. While your chosen stylist will be able to guide you with this, we have often seen delays when another guest (for example the mother of the bride or groom) ask to be included at the last minute.

Generally speaking, we need you to be ready at least 30 minutes before the ceremony begins to be able to take enough photos.


Advice for your guests

Please advise your guests that you have hired a professional photographer to capture the day, and that you will happily share our images with them. This will help to prevent them jumping in front of us at a crucial moment in the ceremony.

We are a friendly bunch who will mingle with your guests with ease, but having too many people with their cameras, smart phones or iPads trying to take the images you have paid us for can sometimes ruin the look or background of your wedding day photos.


Things to remember during the ceremony

Many brides forget to savour the moment of walking down the aisle to meet their awaiting husband to be. Please remember to walk slowly when you enter and as you walk the aisle – the longer you take, the more great photos we can take. This applies to the first kiss too!

Throughout the ceremony we will be capturing your precious moments in an unobtrusive, documentary style so please do not worry about looking at the camera – you’ll likely only have eyes for your husband or wife to be anyway!


Family and Group Shots

Particularly if you have a larger guest list (anything over 20) please remember to make a list of family / friend compositions you would like group shots taken with. Take your time after the ceremony to greet and enjoy each of your guests and to savour your newly married status! We will then begin working through your shot list.

We recommend that you give your list to either your MC or usher to call the necessary people together for each group composition on your list, this helps to ensure this part of the day runs smoothly.


The Photo Tour

After the ceremony, your nerves will be gone and you will be feeling relaxed and happy in this wonderful time. When we have finished capturing your group shots, we will lead you on a photo tour which is the time to be creative and artistic – and most importantly to have FUN!

We normally start by taking images with your Bridal party first, and then head off on a romantic sunset photo tour with only the couple.

As a general rule, we work to a balance of 40% with the Bridal Party and 60% just the two of you, but please let us know if you would like this balance adjusted.

Bridal party images will usually be more fun and friendly shots whereas the sunset images will be more romantic and intimate. These are the images that will likely make it onto your living room wall and as such we like to make sure everything is as perfect as can be and recommend that this time is for just the three of us.

During the photo tour we will be constantly checking the light, wind, tide and other conditions to ensure that you get the very best from your images. We plan each tour very carefully and will manage the time effectively, leading the way to ensure as many background variations as possible. If you have specific background you would like, please just let us know in advance and we will do our best to include it.

If we are on the beach, it is possible that your wedding dress may get wet, please advise us if you do not want this to happen and we will ensure we are well back from any possible waves.

We cannot be liable for any losses or damage to your personal effects during the photo tour. Please advise us in advance if you have any items that require delicate handling – especially your dress.

It is at your discretion if you do not want to collect any sand or dirt stains by walking around on the beach or country roads. While this will of course limit the tour, we respect your decision and as always we will do our utmost to create the best images possible.

If you are adventurous and happy to experiment, we can try new backgrounds and get really creative during the shoot. Your suggestions are always welcome; we love to collaborate!


Take a break

We recommend that you plan to take a break and to relax after your ceremony or even just after the Bridal party section of the photo tour.

A wedding is surprisingly exhausting and while you will be high on natural endorphins, you also need to sit down and take some time for yourself throughout the day. We want to help you look your best and to maintain your energy level throughout the day. The heat may be quite intense and make you feel hot and sticky so remember take some time out to sit with an icy cold drink to cool off. It is a long day and so remembering to do this often makes quite a difference – Trust on this advice! as you need to keep fresh.


Things to keep close by

There are two potential factors, namely the heat and wind, that may bother you throughout the day and having a bag with these few recommended items close to hand can really help.

1) Extra-hold hair spray & hairpins. These can help keep any wispy hairs in place when the sea breezes are blowing.

2) Face Towel. This is to wipe away any beads of sweat.

3) Bottle of Water. Staying rehydrated is crucial!

4) Sugary items such as a can of Coke, Sprite or even better, a Powerade

5) Lip stick and foundation. Just in case a retouch is necessary


Personal Effects

While Fiji is a safe place, we request that you do not carry large sums of cash or valuables on your wedding day. We cannot be liable for any losses or damage to your personal effects during the photo tour. Please advise us in advance if you have any items that require delicate handling – especially your dress.


Your Personal Safety

During the photo tour we sometimes ask you to jump or stage action shots and as such we need to know in advance if you have any health issues such as back or neck problems, have any limitation of movement or are pregnant. While we will of course give you the required extra care and attention however we cannot accept liability for any injury or accident that occurs during the photo shoot.