Through our 18 years of experience as professional wedding photographer in Fiji, we know all the locations in Fiii and we have been to most of resorts in Fiji.

We all know how much your life time event is important to you, and so is capturing moments forever. When Yoshi came to Fiji 18 years ago, he quickly found that hourly charge did not work in Fiji for the best wedding photography as Fiji’s daylight is so strong and hot in daytime,  and Sunset light is much better with cooler temperature as this is when people feel more comfortable and can show better facial expression. So we decided to make standard package (Basic Digital Photo) to cover from room preparation until Sunset no matter what time couples have their ceremony. So, there is no rush, no pressure, no time limitation, but more relaxing and flexibility with your day’s schedule and Fiji’s changeable weather and light.

We know that you have your own life style, feeling, touch, expression of Love, and every single day has different lights and atmosphere.   We try to capture all these with our expertise and insight, and we try to capture every moment with your emotion, silence, laughter and fun, your way of Love & Romance.  Our 18 years of experience has taught us how to make the most of every opportunity on your day.  Our craftsmanship with warm friendly character make your day Easier, yet you will have Wow! photos after you enjoy your special day.  We work very hard to see your smile and happiness at the end of the day. Good communication with you is very important so that you feel comfortable and enjoy photo shooting with us.

Our Wedding photography has no definition of Style. We consider what you may need with good combination balance from our expert point of view.  You may need Natural style,  photo journalistic style, candid shots, and set up shots with specific light and background, and we work with all those balance considered. If you have a specific style, we are happy to accommodate with your special request, so please inform us in advance. We are happy to know you more and better so that we can do more and better for your forever memory of  life time event.

Let us tell your story with our craftmanship, and we always work our best as we want to see your big smile when your photos are delivered to you.

Now we explain of our standard package,  Basic Digital Photo, and optional choice of Hard cover Photobook and Photo slideshow DVD.


  • Coverage is from Room preparation(1.5 hour before ceremony), Ceremony, Photo tour until sunset.  Reception & Photo Booth ​ your option with separate hourly charge if you wish.
  • All the Photos – Unlimited number ( 400 in average) – are delivered in USB.
  • Highest and Original resolution(22 mega pixel) photos in JPEG file.
  • All the photos are retouched perfectly for your use of printing and any other digital purposes.
  • No copyrights protected to photos,  which means you can use for any purposes.
  • 30 Black & White photos are also included.
  • 5  Special effects photos with your name graphics in photos are also included.
  • Using two cameras, Newest professional Canon cameras (Canon 5D MK3, Canon 6D and as back up of three  Canon 7D) and with our several best lenses to suit your location and its  light conditions from more than 16 lenses we have.
  • We have four photographers(Yoshi, Sam, Kezia, Ana) and package price is all different by photographer.
Yoshi has longest experience for 18 years with approximate 2000 weddings. Sam has 7 years’ with 300 weddings. Kezia has 4 years’ with 200 weddings, and Ana has only 1.5 year professional experience. Yoshi use remote lights with an assistant, which make better lighting and creativity. You can compare each photographer quality/style from the following web site gallery page and facebook album for each wedding.​ ​(Photographer specified in title.)

Check recent Wedding photo gallery on our Facebook Page


  • Slideshow DVD (Playable by DVD player, choice of  PAL or NTSC), using best 100(approximate) photos, edited with one or two songs(your choice if you like), approximate duration 5 minutes, delivered in custom cover case.

Sample in Vimeo


● State of art, Lifetime-lasting quality photobook with the following choices. made in Japan. Turnover 8 weeks. Your choice of Size and Number of sides, Laminated Glossy or Matte finished.

We have three type of photo book

ZEN LAYFLAT Impact, Size 12x12inch

Zen Layflat Hard cover, Size 10x10inch

Book Bound Soft cover, Size 5×5 Inch