Yoshi Kawai

Yoshi is a founder of Ocean Studio Fiji and he has experience for over 18 years as professional photographer and videographer in Fiji.

With his passion to take beautiful photography & videography and his good honest business practice, he has gained great reputation and trust in Fiji wedding photography & videography industry.

He loves finding beauty of people, Life and world each day, His profession is his own joy to find millions of beautiful stories to tell and share by his work, and the fact he can deliver happiness through his works make his job never bored and keeping him young at heart. He has done approximate 3000 weddings, and he has learnt a lot and he is still learning now, He said that is his privilege and he can still study and create beauty and art through his works.

Yoshi is originally come from Japan, and he has settled down in Fiji with his wife Regina (who helps routine business) with three sons Ken, Jun and Kai. He has soft, warm, caring character, with calm but strong guts to pursue professional results. He also has a good sense of humor to make you feel relaxed. He has permanent residence of Fiji and he built his family home to live for his life time in Fiji.

He has spent more than half of his life in different parts of the world, Born in Japan, he spent 4 years in Taiwan as a teenager ands spent another 4 years in U.S. before settling down in Fiji. He speaks fluent English, Japanese, a little bit of Fijian and Chinese. He loves Traveling, listerning to Music, loving Nature and Ocean. His hobby is scuba diving and a little bit of cooking.

Yoshi never had thought before he would end up having team members when he started the business, but due to steady strong demand of his great works, he has successfully taught his team members to do the same level of his works and he is very happy with current team works and their performance with professionalism and spirit shared among his team.


Regina Kawai

Regina support’s company administration works and she is Yoshi’s wife.

She has sustained Ocean Studio Fiji’s inside and outside  operation for the past years. Regina is good at meeting and greeting with her friendly and bright open character.

She has friendly smile as she is from the island of Vanualevu, so called the friendly North.

Her hobby is listening to music, jogging, Polynesian dancing, watching movies and sawing.

You are welcome to ask how she met Yoshi 16 years ago.


Sam Momota

Sam has a bachelor degree of Photography & Art in Japan, and he has worked for a famous Studio in Tokyo Japan for 3 years before he came to Fiji and he works for Ocean Studio Fiji over 4 years.

Sam is happy to work in Fiji as he can run around beautiful backdrops in Fiji.

Sam’s skills are technical, and since he learnt Fiji wedding photography from his master Yoshi, his style is almost similar but you can see that his style is more unique, artistic and he can do photo journalistic style.

Sam holds key role as Studio manager in the team, and teaching our newer staff also managing all daily operation.

You will find Sam is such a nice guy, soft, pleasant and courteous. He has true professional mind to make best results anytime as professional photographer.


Kezia Meta

Kezia has worked for Ocean Studio Fiji over 5 years and she is senior photographer in our team.

Kezia has passion for Creativity and she has quickly become a excellent photographer. She is excellent with Photo retouch using various software like Photoshop, Lightroom, Camera Raw etc.

She has more than enough experience as professional Fiji wedding photographer and her photography is just beautiful, nice feminine style, and many of customers like Kezia’s style of photography.

She is soft, pleasant, well mannered yet easy going lady and she is always eager to lean more, and she likes to help others and her communication skills are outstanding.

Her hobby is listening music, playing hockey, watching movies, and she goes to Church every Sunday morning.

She may be smallest in our team and her professional guts and creative power may be the biggest. She is also a good teacher for younger members of our team.


Ana Raravuso

Ana joined our team 2016 January, and she has gained experience for over 30 weddings and 30 Family photography by now(as of March 2017).

To be honest, her skill and experience level is not yet exactly the same as other senior photographers, but we are confident to say that she can make professional results

as all the professional skills are nicely taught and still under supervision and training. We expect her skills level will be really closer to other senior within a year or so.

She has very pleasant and polite personality we believe that her daily efforts will bloom really nicely soon. Ana can be recommended for small and simple packages.


Samuella Tofinga

Samuella joined our team in January 2017 and she endeavours to become an established professional photographer. She discovered her passion for the art of photography at a young age, and she is now one step closer to making her dream come true with strong determination.

She is improving fast with our training and she has promising talent.  She is easy going, friendly nature with wonderful communication skills.

She is loving and patient and open-minded, which she has acquired more since becoming a mother of two beautiful children (a son and daughter). She enjoys the outdoors and cookouts, and her love for family, nature, and animals also inspires her good-hearted vision.